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Living in Cebu - forum


Living in Cebu forums which discusses all things to do with the City, Island and Province of Cebu. They also discuss the rest of the Philippines too!
911 Philippines - yahoo group When an emergency situation happens Emergency 911 Philippines will be there to provide a source for you to get your cry for help out
Anonymous Bear - blog By Perry Gamsby. Also see Streetwise Philippines, Philippine Dreams and others on this page
Asia-expats Forum - bulletin board Forum discussing living in the whole of Asia which has a Philippines section
B.F.U.A. - yahoo group A group for British/Filipino couples
Bisaya - yahoo group ang tanang ka'uban sulod ni'ining pundok nagbinaylo'ay sa ilang mga huna'huna' ug pagbati' ginamit ang lunsayng binisaya' || ang tanan maninguha' sa pagsulat sa lunsayng binisaya' nga walay sagol english | tagalog | espanyol o uban pang langyawng mga pulong || dali' atong sulayan
Canadian_non-residents - yahoo group
Presented by Don Mulligan. A group for Canadians who either do not live in Canada or wish to live outside of Canada. It is a group for Canadian Expats or non-residents to share concerns about leaving, what banking concerns there may be, what taxes still have to be paid in Canada or what to do about investments outside Canada.
Cebu Brit Club - yahoo group This is a Group for persons British, and their spouses; either Living in the Philippines, particularly Cebu, or considering doing so. Unlike other Yahoo Groups dedicated to the Philippines, its people, cultures, and more specifically Cebu, this Yahoo Group - 'Philippines BritClub', is only open to members with a British Passport!
Cebu experience - blog Presented by Rusty Ferguson. His experiences living in the Philippines
Cebu Hash House Harriers - yahoo group A place to find out about hashing in Cebu City. Their main website is HERE
Cebu Social Events - yahoo group Information about social events in Cebu such as get togethers, parties, sporting events etc. Presented by Robert Warren
Cebuano online - yahoo group Yahoo discussion group specially created to assist Cebuano learners and to keep their interest going as they come in contact with other people who share their fondness for the language
Expat tax wise investing - yahoo group Tax wise investing for expats in the Philippines
Explore-Philippines - yahoo group Discussion group focusing on travelling for pleasure in the Philippines
Finance Manila - bulletin board Philippines stock market authority
Foreigners living in the Philippines - yahoo group A group for foreigners living in the Philippines
Go Iloilo - blog A personal blog about travels and personal perspectives on Iloilo and Panay Island
Konked Out - yahoo group Colin Konkin's adventures in the Philippines
Life in the Philippines - yahoo group If your dreams include early retirement or reaching financial independence by opening a small business in the Philippines allowing you a simple but quality lifestyle you can learn and encourage each other by posting messages on the this group.
Live & Retire in the Philippines


Website for foreigners already living in the Philippines and those who would like to. The discussion forum is here http://www.liveandretirephilippines.com/forum
Live in the Philippines Information about living in the Philippines. The FORUM is here


Living in Cebu - blog Information about Cebu and moving there from the USA
Living In Cebu - website Philippines info by Paul Petrea
Living in Cebu - yahoo group No longer run by me.
Living in Cebu photos - yahoo group Photos for members of the Living in Cebu yahoo group
Living in Davao - yahoo group Discussion group presented by Buck Branham
Living in the Philippines - website


As Don says, it is the original. Don Herrington's views on living in the Philippines
Living in the Philippines - yahoo group Created by me for Don Herrington when I was a moderator on the original Living in the Philippines Yahoo group which was hijacked. Discussion group presented by Don Herrington
MAG-ANAK - website Promoting cultural affinity with the Philippines and assisting Filipino-non-Filipino relationships
MAG-ANAK - yahoo group Members advise each other on adjustments to Filipino and non-Filipino culture, immigration procedures, and other issues of interest in these relationships
My Blog (Big Jim's Philippines Experience) My thoughts on the Philippines
Pearl of the Orient Seas Clarence Henderson's views of the Philippines
Philippine Money A blog all about Philippines money including how to detect fake notes
Pinoy Exchange - bulletin board Online community for Filipinos around the world
Philippines business - yahoo group They will discuss many different business ideas, and models, keeping in mind some people are not familliar with the philippines and dont understand why sunless tanning cream will not go very well, etc.
Philippine Dreams - yahoo group Discussion group and free newsletter, presented by Perry Gamsby
Philippine Living Island Paradise (PLIP) - yahoo group Discussion group presented by Jerry Olson
Philippine real estate - yahoo group A group for folks interested in buying and selling real estate in the Philippines


Philippinenforum Deutschland - bulletin board Philippinenforum Deutschland für mehr Informationen über die Philippinen. Diskutieren Sie mit und geben anderen Philippinenfreunde Tipps und Informationen.
Pi Expats - yahoo group Adult discussion group for foreigners in the Philippines
Retire in the Philippines - yahoo group This group consists of retirees who live in the Philippines, those that wish to retire and live in the Philippines, those who are thinking about retiring in the Philippines, those who vacation in the Philippines and those who are just checking it out.
SOS Philippines - yahoo group To help spread life or death messages, fast!
Streetwise Philippines - yahoo group Discussion group for ADULT males only. By Perry Gamsby
The Filipino Mind - blog To think critically, to exchange serious thoughts about the roots of the socioeconomic-political predicament of our fellow countrymen and homeland, to educate ourselves about our nationalist history, to foster Filipino nationalism, to learn from the nationalist outlook of Filipino intellectuals, from our Asian neighbours and other nations; all therefrom to plan, decide and act for the "common good", most especially for the impoverished majority. Comments/corrections are welcomed
The Philippine Dream - yahoo group By Larry Henderson
The Philippine Island Marc Nengasca's take on everything Filipino.
Trip Advisor - forum Philippines section of this world wide travel resource
USMC RETIRED Blog Life in the Philippines but focused on Cebu. Presented by Tim Potter.
Virtual Tourist - forum Philippines section of this world wide travel resource



This next set of links is for adults only.

Do not click unless you are over 18 years of age!

Cebu Nightlife Forum Discussing adult nightlife throughout the Philippines but focusing mainly on adult nightlife in and near the City of Cebu
Philippines Addicts Philippines Nightlife Community and Travel Forum. Well moderated. Unlike some other forums, abuse is kept to a minimum.
PI at Night- forum Discussion forum about adult night life, daytime activities plus living and retiring in the Philippines. It also has pictures and links to videos. It is heavily focused on life in Angeles City but has extensive information on other places in the Philippines.

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