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My friend, Perry Gamsby, has spent nearly 20 years experiencing the Philippines. He has been involved in several businesses including a bar on Malapscua island and the family piggery, been involved with property purchases, lived in the city and in the boondocks, worked plotting sites of interest for Philippines EZ maps, worked for an advertising company and has appeared in promotional videos. Perry is an expert in the Filipino martial art, ARNIS, and has taken part in competitions in the Philippines.  He has experienced the schooling system, medical system, transport system and life in general throughout the Philippines. Perry has been in out of love many times but is now happily married to a beautiful Filipina and has several children.

I have visited Perry when he was living in the boondocks. I have visited Perry when he was living in the city, where he conned me into helping paint a new boat he was building. In 2005, Perry and I got together to make a video about dealing with traffic in Cebu City. It is called DEFENSIVE DRIVING and is on page 2 of my videos.

Perry has written 6 books about the Philippines. If you would like to benefit from his vast knowledge, click on the book links above. A full description of each book will be available after you click.


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RCBC Savings Bank


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American Express Travel office locator. Their main website is HERE.
Asia United bank A domestic commercial bank with 50 locations in the Philippines
Banco Filipino Located in major cities throughout the Philippines
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI.)                                 Major Philippines bank. Located all over the Philippines. They have ATM machines that allow large withdrawals. 
Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas Central bank of the Philippines. Assisting with monetary policy decisions and banking regulations in the Philippines
Banco De Oro (BDO) Major bank in the Philippines. They have branches with ATM machine all over the place but the withdrawal limit from an ATM is small.
Banco Filipino Located in all major cities in the Philippines
Chinabank Located in all major cities in the Philippines
Citibank Major world bank which has branches in the Philippines. There is a link on the site for locating an ATM in the Philippines. Citibank ATM machines allow large withdrawals.
Citystate Savings Bank Relatively new bank, mainly operating in the Manila area
Development Bank of the Philippines Catering to small and medium size businesses
Equitable PCI bank Now BDO.
Green Bank The branches I have seen certainly were green! Small bank servicing the southern Philippines
HSBC World bank with representation in the Philippines. Usually, their ATM machines allow P40,000 in a single withdrawal provided your card issuer's daily limit is not exceeded.
Landbank Mostly located in rural areas to support farming communities
Mastercard ATM locator
Metrobank Major Philippines bank located throughout the Philippines
MM BB Service Money remittance business based in Melbourne, Australia. They deliver cash to your loved one's door in the Philippines.
PesoEpedala Money remittance business based in Sydney, Australia. They deliver cash and gifts to your loved one's door in the Philippines.
Philippine Banknotes Images of Philippines money
Philippine Business Bank For those foreigners who are thinking of arranging a Retirement Visa, this bank is accredited for accepting your Philippines Retirement Authority (PRA) deposit.
Philippines Money More images of Philippines money
Philippine National bank Major Philippines bank. They have branches with ATM machines all over the Philippines. Even in some small towns. Unfortunately, they only allow P4,000 per withdrawal from their ATM machines. Plenty for a Filipino but not for a foreigner travelling in the Philippines.
Philippines Veterans Bank Commercial bank owned by world war 2 veterans and their families
Philtrust Bank Located in major cities throughout the Philippines
PS Bank Minor Philippines bank but their ATM machines allow P10,000 in a single withdrawal via Visa, Mastercard, Plus, Cirrus or Maestro
RCBC Savings Bank Reasonably well represented throughout the Philippines
Security Bank Mid sized bank with locations in all major cities throughout the Philippines
UnionBank Major Philippines bank located all over the Philippines
United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) Mostly serving Luzon
Visa ATM locator
Western Union Sending money throughout the world
XE.COM The universal currency converter
XOOM Sending money throughout the world, including the Philippines It has been my experience that the more times you send money with them, the faster they will process the transaction. I transact on line and use paypal to pay for the transaction. On my last transaction to the Philippines, 5 minutes after arranging to send the money, I received an email saying the money was ready to collect.

In the Philippines, funds can be collected from a number of different types of locations. The location that interests me the most is Cebuana Lhuillier. There are Cebuana Lhuillier outlets all over the Philippines. Even in small towns. So it doesn't matter where your loved one is located, they should have reasonably fast access to their money.                     


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