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 pictures of places I have visited outside the Philippines

If I didn't take any of the following pictures, I was somewhere nearby

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Cruising on the Seine River in Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background. Circa 1993. 68.7kb

Dust storm rolling into Griffith (NSW, Australia) in 2002. This picture was taken about 1km from where I lived at the time. By the time this picture was taken, I was already engulfed in dust. Copied from the internet. Thankyou to original photographer. 64kb

Tour group in Heidelberg. Circa 1993. The woman with the red umbrella was the tour guide for the day. She waved her umbrella in the air so we would know where she was. The man in the dark jacket was the tour guide for our European tour. He was an architectural expert and was able to give us many interesting facts you wouldn't find in the tour books. The man in the red jumper was from Goondoowindi. We were the only Australians on the tour. 126kb

Taken 30th December 1988. This is the Quart Pot Flat Hut near Mitta Mitta in North East Victoria. It was possibly originally built as a miner's hut in the late 1800's and was definitely used as a cattleman's hut. It was found collapsed by my friend David Gibbs. In 1984 he convinced a group of us to rebuild it. We used what we had available. It did not look like this originally. 77kb

Inside the Quart Pot Flat Hut, taken at the same time as the other photo. My friend Glen Conibear (how much can a Coni bear?) and myself preparing a roast chook. There is a gas stove in the picture. It was usually only used in the morning for breakfast because we were too lazy to get the fire going. For cooking roast chook, we used a camp oven (large cast iron pot) in the fire place. Later in the evening, we would use the camp oven to cook damper or our our version of it. Damper is usually made from plain flour and water. We use self raising flour, milk, eggs and dried fruit. 75kb

The water jump at Mud Bash in 1986. Mud Bash was a Rover Scout event held annually near Melbourne (Vic., Australia) which involved cars competing in hill climbs, tug o wars etc. Our car was an old milk delivery van from the Haberfield Dairy in Albury and was driven by Brian Haberfield for this event. I am in the front passenger seat which means I am wearing the orange helmet. F.A.R.C. stands for First Albury Rover Crew. For some reason the FARC was airbrushed out in the magazines produced from the event. 143kb

Tower bridge. London. Circa 1993  72.8kb

Tower of London. Circa 1993 68.3kb

Low tide at Newport, Isle of Wight. Circa 1993 91kb

At Stonehenge in 1993 58kb

Stonehenge without me blocking the view. 68kb

My second time in Venice in 1993. On my first trip in 1991, I visited late in the tourist season and because of flooding, I would have been standing in water where I am standing in this photo. This visit was mid summer. There was no flooding problem and the city had a completely different feel to it. 95kb

Same square as the above photo but taken from a nearby tower about 30 minutes later. 136kb

Bridge of Sighs. Venice. Circa 1993  87kb

Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge. Venice. Circa 1993.  136kb

My daughter in front of the Town Hall in Sydney. Circa 2005 68.3kb

Entrance to Luna Park. A fun park in Milson's Point, North Sydney. Obviously I didn't take the picture as that is me reading the ferry schedule. Picture taken by my daughter after our visit to Luna Park, while waiting for the ferry. Circa 2005 96kb

Boats at Circular Quay in Sydney with the Sydney harbour Bridge in the background. Circa 2005 137kb

Opera House and Sydney Harbour taken from the Circular Quay railway station in Sydney. Circa 2005. 112kb

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