6 month Visa extension

You would think that immigration laws would be uniform across the country but ask 10 immigration officials and you will get 10 different answers.  This information is subject to change as new information comes to hand.


This is what I have learned so far.

  • It is not a visa you can apply for in advance outside the Philippines. It is only a visa extension
  • It is a visa extension for 6 months
  • You can currently apply for it in Manila, Davao City and Mandaue City only.
  • Once granted, you will get a sticker in you passport instead of a stamp
  • The sticker costs P100
  • Despite some people initially reporting you could apply for it after being in the Philippines for only 30 days. Everyone is now reporting that you can only apply for it when your initial 59 days has expired.
  • Now that there is a 30 day visa waiver instead of the old 21 days, the visa waiver extension is now 29 days instead of the old 38 days. So you still only get an initial 59 days. same as before. The 29 day visa waiver extension costs P3030, the same as the old 38 day visa waiver extension.
  • The cost of the 6 month extensions depend entirely on how long you have been in the Philippines. However nobody seems to be able to report the same cost for the same extension. Expect to pay about P12,000 for your first 6 month extension and about P8000 for your second 6 month extension.
  • You can stay 3 years as a tourist. However, you are not supposed to be able to arrange arrange a 6 month extension if it will take you beyond 16 months. After 16 months, you are only supposed to be able to extend 2 months at a time. Some people have now reported getting 6 month visa extensions beyond 16 month. 
  • All other extension rules remain unchanged. That is, you can still decide to just extend 2 months at a time, the same as before.